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Thanks for visiting my Blog – I Hope it helps  your own search of God’s Scriptures                                     Robin Jones




 REVELATION The Time is at Hand

A 12 minute overview of Revelation. This presentation is given in the hope that people will understand Revelation and respond to its final message. Get ready – Jesus is coming.


REVELATION  – The Time is at Hand (The Book)

We are living in the last days of the ‘Kingdoms of Men’  which God likens to ‘Beast’ powers.

The final prophecies of the Bible are unfolding and can be seen more clearly than at any time in history – we can observe with our own eyes the last pieces falling into place. Perhaps the greatest warning in Revelation is to ‘Flee Babylon’, run for your lives – have the mark of ‘The Lamb’ not the mark of ‘The Beast.

Revelation is the dramatic conclusion and summary of a book 1500 years in the making. It is a ‘Last Day’ Passover story which you can be part of … continue reading


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  1. Alexander Chukwuma says:

    I have found your research very helpful, and I wonder if you are up for discussion.
    let me know anyway

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