‘AS WE DRAW near to the last days of the Kingdoms of Men, it is good for us to search me latthe Scriptures eagerly and prayerfully to endeavour to discover more of God’s wonderful plan with the earth.’ Derek Warr 1977 (my father)

WELCOME to my Blog – Hope it helps or stimulates your own search of God’s Scriptures – Robin Jones


Events happening in the Middle East were foretold long ago in the Bible – Whether you Believe or disbelieve, Christ is coming – be prepared.


No other nation on earth has been scattered throughout the world as prophesied, persecuted and taunted as prophesied and returned after 2,ooo years to become a nation.

But this is only part of the story – they are surrounded by Arab nations who have been trying to ‘wipe them off the face of the earth’ as prophesied.


God knew the Arab hatred of the Jews would be perpetual and empowered the returned Jews to have firepower over their enemies as a witness that He is in control. The seemingly miraculous victories of Israel in all their wars since 1948 were because God allowed the Jews to win. They are the ‘2 witnesses’ of Revelation 11 – clothed ‘in sackcloth’ but still with power over their enemies to call ‘fire from heaven’ – although at present they witness in disbelief because  they don’t recognise Jesus.


The destiny of both the Jews and Arabs form a last day witness so the world can watch and know that Jesus is about to return.  It is not by chance there is oil in the Middle East and many nations have gathered and battles are raging. Nor is it by chance that refugees have flooded Europe.  The Bible foretold the rise of Islam with its 2 divisions (Shia and Sunni) and the spirit of Anti-Semitism in Germany. It foretold the common goal of Hitler and the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem to wipe out the Jews, the spirit which continues in the Anti-Semitism of Arab Extremists, and the call for a ‘holy war’ against Israel. The Bible foretold the demise of Saddam Hussein – another ‘type’ of the King of Babylon who fell as a star from the heights to the depths. The entire political scene is foretold in the Bible, it culminates when Israel’s witness finishes, and they are attacked and lose at a high cost.  This is the time Jesus returns and a New World Order begins. People of all nations who worship God will be part of the Kingdom on earth – Jews and Arabs will finally be reconciled and the word of the Lord will go out from Jerusalem.

For all these dramatic events to unfold exactly as the Bible foretold is far beyond chance. We were told about them so we could know what it about to happen, understand God’s purpose, and decide if we wish to remain part of the ‘Kingdoms of Men’ or be part of the ‘Kingdom of God’…KEEP READING… ‘Beyond Chance’

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  1. Alexander Chukwuma says:

    I have found your research very helpful, and I wonder if you are up for discussion.
    let me know anyway

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