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The Final ‘7’ – Daniel’s Amazing Prophecy

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70 Weeks Prophecy of Daniel 9 still unfolding !

Time Times Divided Time explained in Revelation

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The Writing is on the Wall for Mystery Babylon – ISRAEL writing on wall jerusalem

Iran and Israel – Coming ConflictFinal Head 

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BELOW are  links to articles of special interest to me – especially end time prophecy explaining the times we are in and nearness of Christ’s return –

The Bible describes the last days of the ‘Kingdoms of Men’. There are so many signs that Jesus is coming soon – See: SIGNS IN THE SUN, MOON & STARS


LAST DAYS: People are sheltering from Covid 19 but something much greater is coming – the return of Christ. Check out  present day events that have been foretold in the Bible – PRESENT DAY EVENTS

The prophet Malachi tells us that Elijah will come before the Great Day of the Lord –  Click link for The Elijah Message of Malachi’

REVELATION – How it Works    – Explains the Seals, Trumpets & Bowls and shows the nearness of Christ’s return.


SILENCING WOMEN: When only 2 passages in the Bible silence women, it’s important to understand their context.  It’s exciting when you realise that Paul’s teachings line up with those of Jesus – Click ‘Context of Writings that Silence Women’

A printable pdf summary of the context of writings silencing women at this link Who Silenced Women?


YOUTUBE:  REVELATION A Message to Israel  

Under its Christian cloak, the book of Revelation remains a Jewish document. It’s a reminder of why the Jews were scattered – their description as the harlot of Ezekiel 16 who broke their covenant with God. A message to Israel that Jesus was the Passover Lamb – the Messiah. It’s an appeal to Israel and everyone to be ready to meet Jesus – He’s coming soon.  מתחת לגלימה הנוצרית, ספר ההתגלות הוא מסמך יהודי. מסר לישראל שישו הוא כבש של פסח, המשיח והוא


REVELATION  – The Time is at Hand (The Book)

We are living in the last days of the ‘Kingdoms of Men’  which God likens to ‘Beast’ powers.

The final prophecies of the Bible are unfolding and can be seen more clearly than at any time in history – we can observe with our own eyes the last pieces falling into place. Perhaps the greatest warning in Revelation is to ‘Flee Babylon’, run for your lives – have the mark of ‘The Lamb’ not the mark of ‘The Beast.

Revelation is the dramatic conclusion and summary of a book 1500 years in the making. It is a ‘Last Day’ Passover story which you can be part of … continue reading


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  1. I just watched your REVELATION a message to Israel video on YouTube. Thank you for such a clear presentation without unnecessary fear mongering. I have struggled over whether to believe the book of Revelation as truly inspired for a while, mostly over how convenient of a tool it seems for occult/NWO leaders to use to keep Christians at bay when it comes to resistance of end times events. Your presentation was clear and intelligent and made connections that made sense without feeling too speculative. I do have an unanswered doubt though, and I hope you can offer some insight. I have read before that Luciferian occult leaders are pressing for their own 1,000 year reign, apparently believing if they pull their strings properly they can seat Lucifer for the millennium instead of Jesus. Obviously that won’t happen no matter what they do, but one nagging detail that causes my lingering doubt over Revelation is the lack of “precept upon precept”/supporting interpretive scripture over a 1,000 year reign being something that will happen. I don’t have vast biblical understanding, but I am troubled over not finding another mention of this.


    • alsowritten says:

      Hi, thanks for your interest and questions. Luciferian occult leaders are not something to worry about. They have a misguided understanding of ‘Lucifer’ (meaning ‘shining one’) a word used only once in the King James Version of the Bible in Isaiah 14:12 which is talking about the King of Babylon losing power and falling like a star to the earth. Most modern versions say something like “How you have fallen from heaven, morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations!” (Talking of Nebuchadnezzar)
      I believe that the rebellion against Jesus described in Revelation 20:7-10 is the same as the rebellion described in Psalm 2. It is not supernatural powers but nations of the earth who come against Christ –
      Psalm 2:1-6 Why do the nations conspire
      and the peoples plot in vain?
      The kings of the earth rise up
      and the rulers band together
      against the Lord and against his anointed, saying,
      “Let us break their chains
      and throw off their shackles.”
      The One enthroned in heaven laughs;
      the Lord scoffs at them.
      He rebukes them in his anger
      and terrifies them in his wrath, saying,
      “I have installed my king
      on Zion, my holy mountain.”


  2. alsowritten says:

    Thanks Denese, God Bless


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