The Final ‘7’ – Daniel’s Amazing Prophecy

In one of the most amazing Bible prophecies, God revealed to Daniel the very year that Jesus would begin His ministry. It was history in advance – great encouragement to show that God knows the future and reveals it.

In chapter 9 of Daniel we are given a prophecy of 70 ‘7’s. The anointed prince (Jesus) began His ministry at the start of the final ‘7’ and and was killed in the middle, ending sacrifices. Due partly to poor translations, many churches believe Jesus died at the beginning of the final ‘7’ and have created a doctrine of a future time of tribulation lasting seven years that coincides with the ‘rapture’.

Sadly they miss the understanding of the final three and half years or 1260 days, or 42 months, or time, times and half a time which is revealed in Revelation and tells how the final ‘7’ is completed.  See The Final 7 – Daniel’s Amazing Prophecy to understand how it fits hand in glove with Revelation

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