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Context of Writings Silencing Women (Youtube)

Youtube explaining Paul’s passages silencing women and why a woman should have authority over her own head because of the angels. Happy viewing.

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The Message of 1st Corinthians

It’s obvious there are 2 points of view in this chapter. Verse 8 says that ‘man is not of woman’ but verse 12 says the opposite – ‘man is of woman’ Verses 7 says that woman is the glory of … Continue reading

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Confusion at Corinth

This youtube looks at the context of 1 Corinthians and the contradictions within the text. Were tongues a sign for believers or unbelievers? Did Paul silence women or encourage them to speak? Should women wear head coverings or have authority … Continue reading

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The SHAME of a Woman Speaking

In the Old Testament there were women prophetesses who proclaimed the word of God. Jesus and Paul both showed that if you are born again, your natural birth is of no consequence.  Yet the church in general has silenced women. … Continue reading

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