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Losing Our Identity

In the world, people tend to identify us by our gender, nationality, profession or qualifications.  If we are ‘In Christ’ we become ‘Beloved Disciples’  and follow Him. We put Him on as a garment and lose our own identity. As … Continue reading

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The Missing Women at the Last Supper

Did Jesus only share the Last Supper with his twelve male disciples? This would be unusual when the Passover was an event which included the entire family. We know that the mother of Jesus was present in Jerusalem at the … Continue reading

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In the Bosom of Jesus

 A closer look at the text of the Last Supper reveals that the Beloved Disciple was not  lying on Jesus bosom, they were in it. IN THE BOSOM OF JESUS IN THE BOSOM OF GOD “There was at table one … Continue reading

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