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NOADIAH – The Last Prophet

The last  scene of the Old Testament is that of Nehemiah closing the gates of Jerusalem on the Sabbath.  It was the end of an era. They were desolate days in Jerusalem. The Jews had killed the beloved prophet Zechariah … Continue reading

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Jerusalem Becomes ‘Babylon’

The first six chapters of Zechariah are prophecies given during the 2nd year of Darius when the returned Jews from Babylon were restoring their temple – In the eighth month of the second year of Darius, the word of the … Continue reading

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The Elijah Message of Malachi אליהו

Beneath its prophetic rebuke to Israel, the book of Malachi delivers an exciting message – that the good news of God’s Kingdom is for everyone –  “My name is feared among the nations.” Mal. 1:14 It is for all who … Continue reading

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ישו פירש את חוק משה Jesus came as light to a world in darkness – to reveal God. Not a new God – the same God of love, mercy and kindness He was from the beginning. The teachings of Jesus … Continue reading

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Re-Thinking How We Read the Old Testament

The inspired words of God’s prophets declare His righteousness. However, parts of the Bible are not revelation of Divine truth such as the words of Job’s friends.  That said, the production of the volume known as the Bible is clearly … Continue reading

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God is the same wonderful God of both the Old and New Testaments. His character has never changed.  Some people however, have a misconception that the God of the New Testament is more loving than the God of the Old … Continue reading

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Last Events of Old Testament – Right or Wrong?

The books of  Ezra/Nehemiah are the last history books of the Old Testament. They are never quoted in the New Testament. The moral judgments of the actions of Ezra and Nehemiah and their predecessors (Joshua and Zerubbabel) came from God … Continue reading

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DECREE of ARTAXERXES TO EZRA – Restore Jerusalem as Light to Nations  A gentile King (Artaxerxes) told Ezra to preach to foreigners- “And thou, Esdras, according to the wisdom of God ordain judges and justices, that they may judge in … Continue reading

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Born Again

BORN AGAIN Changing the Way We See Things By the end of the Old Testament Israel had slipped into spiritual blindness. There has been a tendency to read the words of Ezra and Nehemiah as if the choices they made … Continue reading

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