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Promised Land Prophecies

The Journey to the Promised Land… The Parallel Prophecies in the chart below show God’s plan – they are signs to the world to ‘Flee Babylon’ –  just as the Israelites had signs to ‘Flee Egypt’ … (click chart until … Continue reading

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Judgement in Israel פסק הדין בישראל

לאורך כל התנ”ך, ממלכות הגברים מסומלות על ידי ‘בבל’, וממלכת האל על ידי ‘ירושלים’ (גולת הכותרת של ישראל) – ערים המוגדרות על ידי אנטיתזה. אלוהים שוקל ומודד אותם – ירושלים הפכה לבבל לישראל הוטלה המשימה להיות ‘אור לאומות’ – להביא … Continue reading

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Mene Mene Tekel Parsin – Coming Judgement פסק הדין בישראל

Throughout the Bible the Kingdoms of Men are symbolised by ‘Babylon’, and the Kingdom of God by  ‘Jerusalem’  (the crowning glory of Israel) – cities set in antithesis. God weighs and measures them – JERUSALEM BECAME BABYLON Israel was given … Continue reading

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To Fulfill 70 Years להגשים 70 שנה

Jeremiah’s prophecy of a 70 year Babylonian captivity has long puzzled Bible scholars.  The captivity ended in 539 BCE when Babylon fell to the Medes and Persians.  Such a clear end date  makes the 70 year starting date simple – … Continue reading

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Newton’s Bible Symbols

ISAAC NEWTON’S INTERPRETATION OF BIBLE SYMBOLS as they apply to Daniel and Revelation – A summary by Robin Jones, taken from ‘Observations Upon the Prophecies of Daniel, and the Apocalypse of St. John’ by Isaac Newton. First published 1733. Read online … Continue reading

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The Bible uses animals to describe the ‘Kingdoms of Men’ – no better than ‘beasts of the earth’. It focusses on certain kingdoms  because they intersect with God’s Kingdom. Beginning with a Serpent entering Eden, and ending with ‘another Beast … Continue reading

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REVELATION – The Time is at Hand

INTRODUCTION (This first section is an overview of the concepts in Revelation. Skip to the commentary on each chapter if not interested in the background) There is a blessing for those who read, understand, and act on the words of … Continue reading

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Who Are The 144,000?

Throughout Revelation our attention is drawn to Jesus the Lamb. Beginning with the ‘Lamb that was slain’ and ending with the ‘Marriage of the Lamb’ we are reminded of the Jewish Passover. This is the setting for the 144,000 who have … Continue reading

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NOTE: THIS ARTICLE has been updated as a book  at link below –  REVELATION – The Time is at Hand was one of Albert Speer‘s first works for the Nazi party and was based upon the Pergamon Altar.) The deceptive spirit of ‘Satan’, once … Continue reading

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