Newton’s Bible Symbols

ISAAC NEWTON’S INTERPRETATION OF BIBLE SYMBOLS as they apply to Daniel and Revelation – A summary by Robin Jones, taken from ‘Observations Upon the Prophecies of Daniel, and the Apocalypse of St. John’ by Isaac Newton. First published 1733. Read online at The Project Gutenberg:

I find this chart helpful to show that when Revelation 16:21 talks of hailstones weighing 100 talents (45kg?), it is describing a tempest of war, not literal hail. Likewise, when the moon is turned to blood, the sun darkened and the stars fall from heaven it is symbolic language describing the desolation of Kingdoms.

NEWTON’S SYMBOLS from Chapter 2

HEAVENS Thrones – Rulers
EARTH Inferior people
Earthquakes/Shaking of Heaven & Earth Shaking or overthrowing of Kingdoms
New Heaven & Earth New political system
LIGHT Glory, truth, knowledge
DARKNESS Error, Blindness, Ignorance
Sun, Moon, Stars King, Queen, Princes
Darkening, smiting or setting of Sun, Moon, Stars 


Moon turned to blood

Stars falling

Ceasing of a kingdom, or its desolation
Fire & Meteors Consuming by warfare
Lake of Fire Consumption of Kingdom
Being in a Furnace Being in slavery under another nation
Ascending smoke of burning thing for ever and ever Continuation of a conquered people under misery of perpetual subjection
Scorching heat of sun Wars, persecutions inflicted by King
Rain (if not immoderate), dew, and living water Graces and doctrines of the Spirit
Drought Spiritual barrenness
Dry land and congregated waters, as a sea, a river, a flood People of several regions, nations, and dominions
Drying up of waters Conquest of their regions by the earth (people)
Embittering of waters Affliction of people by war and persecution
Turning things to blood Mystical death/dissolution of political bodies
Overflowing of sea or river Invasion of the earth politic, by the people of the waters
Fountains of waters Cities, the permanent heads of rivers politic
Mountains and islands Cities of the earth and sea politic, with the territories and dominions belonging to those cities
Dens and rocks of mountains Temples of cities
Hiding of men in those dens and rocks Shutting up of Idols in their temples
Houses and ships Families, assemblies, and towns, in the earth and sea politic
Navy of ships of war Army of that kingdom that is signified by the sea.
Animals, vegetables, trees, herbs People of several regions and conditions –  people of the earth politic
Riding on Clouds Reigning over many people
Covering  sun with cloud or  smoke Oppression of King by armies of an enemy
Tempestuous winds, or motion of clouds Wars
Thunder, or voice of a cloud Voice of a multitude
Storm of thunder, lightning, hail, and overflowing rain Tempest of war descending from the heavens and clouds politic, on the heads of their enemies
Many kingdoms Many parts of the world natural
Several animals, as a Lion, a Bear, a Leopard, a Goat, Several kingdoms and bodies politic
Sacrificing of beasts Slaughtering and conquering  kingdoms
Friendship between beasts Peace between kingdoms
Head of a Beast Great men who precede and govern
Tail of Beast Inferior people, who follow and are governed
Heads (of Beast), if more than one Number of capital parts, or dynasties, or dominions in the kingdom, whether collateral or successive,
Horns Number of kingdoms in that head, with respect to military power;
Seeing Understanding
Speaking Making laws
Mouth Law giver
Loud voice Might and power
Eating & Drinking Acquiring what is signified by the things eaten and drank
Ruler Signified by riding a beast
Warrior and Conqueror Signified by having a sword and bow
A potent man Signified by gigantic stature
A Judge Signified by weights & measures
A new dignity Signified by a new name
Moral or civil qualifications Signified by garments
Honour and glory Signified by splendid apparel
Royal dignity Signified by purple or scarlet, or by a crown
Righteousness Signified by white and clean robes
Wickedness Signified by spotted and filthy garments
Affliction, mourning, humiliation Signified by clothing in sackcloth
Dishonour, shame, want of good works Nakedness
Error and misery Signified by drinking a cup of his or her wine that causes it
Propagating any religion for gain Signified by exercising traffick and merchandize with that people whose religion it is
Worshipping or serving the false Gods of any nation Signified by committing adultery with their princes, or by worshipping them
Council of a kingdom Signified by its image
Idolatry Signified by blasphemy
Overthrow in war Signified by a wound of man or beast
A durable plague of war Signified by a sore and pain
Affliction or persecution which a people suffers in labouring to bring forth a new kingdom Signified by the pain of a woman in labour to bring forth a man-child
Dissolution of a body politic or ecclesiastic Signified by death of a man or beast
Revival of a dissolved dominion Signified by the resurrection of the dead

NEWTONS SYMBOLS from Chapter 10

Abomination Often put in scripture for a false God
Bird and Beast kingdoms with stretched out wings over another country Their armies sent out to invade and rule over that country
A wing of abominations An army of false gods


Applying Newton’s symbols to difficult texts helps to reveal their meaning – Red is Newton’s version – 

The kings of the earth, the nobles, the commanders, the rich, the mighty, and every slave and free man hid in the caves and among the rocks of the mountains.    The kings of the earth, the nobles, the commanders, the rich, the mighty, and every slave and free man hid in the cities of their idols. Rev. 6:15

Next, the 4th angel poured out his bowl on the sun, and it was given power to scorch the people with fire.                                                                                                                            Next, the 4th angel poured out his bowl on the King, and he was given power to consume the people with warfare. Rev. 16:8

They blasphemed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores                    They blasphemed the God of heaven for the durable plague of war. Rev. 16:11

Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and earth had passed away, Then I saw a new political system, for the first one had passed away, and the sea was no more and the nations/dominions were no more. Rev. 21:1

See also “Signs of Jesus 2nd Coming” – Olivet Prophecy explaining the signs in the Sun, Moon and Stars

For a fuller explanation of Revelation using Newton’s meanings combined with my own  see: “Revelation the Time is at Hand”

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