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  2. Michael says:

    It is important to remember that the Revelation to John was not a revealing of the past but a revealing of things that “must shortly come to pass”, future events. The symbols John was shown would have had signicance to many believers as most came out of two oppressive systems. The overly rule based Jewish and the Greco Roman world. Greek mythology has the woman with a crown of twelve stars as Europa who was carried away on the back of Zeus who had taken on the form of a Bull (beast). Interestingly the Catholic Church often portray Mary as having a crown of twelve stars. The nativity scenes set up near the Vatican at Christmas, had mother Mary with twelve stars and lot of other pagan symbols incorporated yet completely overlooked by most who visited it. But on a positive note Revelation shows us that our God will always care for His children and help them in adversity, no matter which system they came out from to honour Him. Thankfully the predicted persecutions in Revelation will be defeated by our Lord Jesus and the Angels of God.

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